"With the uncertainties of our economy and social programs being cut all around us, we need an elected official who has boots on the ground experience with a record of getting past the partisanship and getting results. My experience working through the gridlock in Olympia has given me the tools to be a successful legislator for the constituents of the fifth district. I'd be honored for your vote." 





Our public schools always need to be our top priority. I have worked hard with my colleagues to provide

new investments for education for our district, but we need to be accountable and transparent with those new dollars to ensure those dollars equal student success for future generations. 

I will continue to work with my legislative colleagues to ensure we have the best schools in the district and state.




We need to continue to keep this district moving. 

I'm proud to have played a part in the new construction at the interchange of  Interstate 90 and Highway 18.

Of course, we have much more work to do to replace aging infrastructure, widen SR 18 at Hobart Rd, and increase transit options so that constituents in our district can do what they want to do and not be stuck in traffic. 


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In the 2018 session, I worked to phase out super pollutants, prevent oil spills on the Salish Sea, increase Chinook salmon populations and protect orcas from marine vessels. If re-elected, I will continue to champion environmental legislation that keeps our district and state beautiful for generations to come. 

I'll also continue to protect our parks and open spaces and be a champion for our environment. 




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